It’s all about your business apps.

NDX Cloud Server ensures your business applications achieve their fullest potential—because it’s designed specifically around the business needs of SMBs.


NDX Cloud Server - is an enterprise-grade cloud application infrastructure that delivers ideal performance, availability and data protection for SMBs. With a 99.999% SLA, and firewall and VPN included standard, Cloud Server provides all the elements a small business needs.


Investment - Match your cloud environment to your use case. Cloud Server ensures value by letting you find the perfect balance between configurability, scalability and price.

  • Keep costs predictable with fixed monthly pricing.


Security - Fully isolated tenant network for each customer. Integrated perimeter firewall and site-to-site VPN come standard.  Support for hybrid cloud scenarios that connect Cloud Server with on-premise servers via VPN.  Self-service firewall management

Elements of a Cloud Server:


Virtual machines that match every use case:

  • High-capacity cloud servers. Up to 8 CPU cores, 1 TB of storage and 32 GB of RAM.
  • High availability. We leverage VMware HA Active-Active clustering and N+1 component redundancy at the server, storage and network layers.
  • Windows images. Choose among Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise 64 bit, Windows 2012 and Linux (Ubuntu, Cent OS). (You can migrate Windows 2003 SP2 (R2) 32bit/64bit workloads, but new servers running Windows 2003 are not supported.)

Best-of-breed architecture that prioritizes performance:

  • The computing layer. Dell PowerEdge R810 enterprise-grade servers with component redundancy and built-in HA features.
  • The storage layer. EMC VNX Fiber Channel arrays combine RAID 5 with high-performance SAS disks to boost performance and redundancy. 
  • The network layer. Cisco 10-Gigabit Ethernet switches use multiple high-speed interconnects for network performance and reliability.
  • The virtualization layer. VMware vCloud Director and VMWare vSphere 5 Enterprise ensure a highly reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure.
  • The datacenter. Tier III datacenter with extensive redundancies and physical security measures.
  • The providers. Multiple Tier 1 Internet providers like Sprint, Level 3, UUNet, Global Crossing, Qwest and SAVVIS.

Datacenter & Network security ensures business continuity:

Physical Security

  • We offer a consistently more secure environment than on-premises deployments can typically provide
  • Highly secure and reliable datacenter facilities
  • Internal and external closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance
  • Biometric scanners control access control to datacenter floor
  • 24x7 on-site security staffing

Network Security

  • Fully isolated tenant network for each customer
  • Integrated perimeter firewall and site-to-site VPN services
  • VPNs facilitate hybrid cloud scenarios between on-premise and cloud-based environments

Logical Security

  • Dedicated security staff and employee controls
  • Every employee, regardless of their role, undergoes a rigorous background check
  • Employee access to electronic credentials is strictly controlled and audited regularly


  • Cloud Server’s datacenter is SSAE 16 Type II compliant
  • Intermedia is SOC 2 audited company-wide


  • VMware vShield Edge firewalls are more flexible than hardware firewalls because they're tightly integrated with VMware HA and vMotion
  • Cloud Server offers self-service firewall management
  • 5-tuple stateful inspection firewall allows users to control network access using source and destination information, significantly increasing network edge security
  • Inbound and outbound connection control with rules based on:
    • IP-address – source/destination IP address
    • Ports – source/destination port
    • Protocol – by type (TCP or UDP)
    • NAT & DHCP support